Floravilla Icecream

Biodynamic - Organic Icecream from the Daintree Rainforest

by Betty Hinton


All natural ingredients

Daintree RainforestLovingly created icecreams that capture the essence of the local ingredients to produce a unique range of flavours. Our processes blend traditional icecream making techniques with an exotic mix of tropical fruit, and flavours to produce an amazing icecream experience

Local | Biodynamic | Organic

By using local ingredients we reduce food miles. By using biodynamic and organic ingredients, we look after the planet and your health. Our signature icecream, "The Daintree" typifies the unique and clean taste of our regional produce.

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Over 26 Icecream Flavours

Daintree Rainforest Icecream
Daintree Rainforest

Stand in the rainforest by a tinkling stream,relax and take in a deep breath. The pristine freshness with its own unique aroma will permeate your whole being. A taste of Daintree Rainforest Icecream with its special aroma and flavours will transport you back to that memorable moment in the forest. Like the forest, Daintree Rainforest Icecream is unique and unforgettable.

This is our signature icecream, and is the result of years of experimentation in developing an icecream that captures this stunning world heritage region.

Black Sapote and Coconut
Black Sapote Fruit

Black Sapote is known as "Chocolate Pudding Fruit" for good reason. The organic cream blends well

Real Organic
Organic Vanilla pods used in our icecream

If you think vanilla icecream is the "plain jane" option, think again.

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Ripe Red Dragonfruit

Dragonfruit grows on the Pitaya Cactus plant and has a flavour similar to a mixture of kiwifruit and pear. The red flesh gives the icecream a distinct colour and flavour.

Goji Berry Honey and Yoghurt
Goji Berries

This recipe uses Certified Organic Goji Berries sourced from Tibet, with honey and yoghurt to produce a healthy and delicious icecream that will leave you feeling revitalised.

Floravilla Daintree Icecream Menu
Full range

We have more than 26 flavours to choose from (depending on season) when you visit Floravilla.

Coconut | Coconut Ginger | Coconut and Banana | Coconut Banana and Ginger | Ironbark Honey (angels favourite) | Ironbark Honey and Almond | Macadamia Nut | Macadamia and Coconut | Mango | Mango Coconut | Mango Passionfruit | Passionfruit | Passionfruit and Ginger | Passionfruit Banana and Ginger | Ginger | Strawberry | Rhubarb | Black Sapote | Black Sapote and Choc Liqueur | Black Sapote and Coconut | Pumpkin and Cinnamon | Sweet Potato and Ginger | Marmalade (orange and lime) | Goji Berry Honey and Yoghurt | Spices of Life | Liquorice | Choc Banana | Mango Lime Mango, Passionfruit and Banana | Passionfruit and Banana | Passionfruit and Coconut | Banana | Banana Passionfruit Coconut and Ginger | Dragonfruit | Paw Paw and Lime

Betty Hinton

Betty Hinton Art

Specializing in Australian Flora and Fauna, Betty Hinton's medium is watercolour on 100% cotton rag paper.


Organic Cream from Mungalli

Mungalli Creek Dairy produces some of the finest Biodynamic (organic) dairy products in Australia as is testament to the many awards and allocades their products receive.

The Biodynamic farming techniques, year round healthy pastures and the pristine surrounds of the farms ensure healthy contented cows and the best milk available for our icecreams

Tropical Fruits

Organic, tropical fruits are sourced (wherever possible locally) to create taste sensations unlike anything you will have tried before, with Jaboticapa, Black Sapote, Dragon Fruit, Goji Berry, Mango, Lime, Paw Paw and Ginger just to name a few. Even traditional flavours like vanilla and chocolate are flavoured with fresh, organic produce.

Local, organic vanilla

All vanilla used in our icecream is grown locallly and organically by Russel and Teresa.

Russel and Teresa have perfected a method of sweating and storing the vanilla pods to ensure the complex aromas and flavours are maintained.

You can buy these pods directly by visiting their farm Daintree Mountain View Retreat on Mahogony Drive


Spirulina has high levels of plant protein, minerals and vitamins and is reportedly extremely high in Beta-Carotene.

Some of our recipees use this amazing ingredient, and we only use 100% certified organic, Australian produced freshwater spirulina.

True free range, and organic eggs

Mungalli raises their hens with a combination of organic and biodynamic farming techniques. Organic corn for the hens is sourced from the Godfrey family at Kiari. The hens feed is soaked in a special probiotic brew overnight to make the nutrients more available and easy to digest.

A key point to the quality of their eggs is that the hens are able to forage amongst the lush bio-dynamic pastures and this natural foraging gives the eggs a rich yolk colour.

In the Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Icecream15 minutes after you cross the Daintree River ferry, you are in the heart of the oldest surviving rainforest on the planet. The air is cooler and the environment is pristine. Floravilla Icecreams is on your right, on the corner of the turn off to the famous Cow Bay Beach. Look for the blue sign with our angel on it.

Sample icecream in rainforest gardens

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The garden has been designed to provide secluded pockets for you to sample our unique icecream whilst enjoying the ambience of the area.

Footage of the region

View the video of our region