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Rainbow Bee Eater

This resident Bee Eater was having a banquet of native bees in one of our staff members properties.

Rainbow Bee EaterTaking a rest between ambushing a swarm of bees.

Rainbow Bee Eaters (Merops ornatus) are a striking bird, that often perform acrobatics in pursuit of insects (usually bees and wasps). When they catch a bee, they pause on a branch and wipe the sting off before their meal.

Rainbow Bee EaterEasy to see how they were named. What a coat.

They are Australia's only bee eater, and are found through much of Australia, and very common around the Daintree Region. They can often be spotted along the roadside and are hard to miss, with their "coat of many colours". You will also hear their high pitched call (often descriped as "prrp prrp").