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Snapper Island Paddle

The weather on Saturday was perfect for a paddle, so we took the kayak out to Snapper Island for the afternoon.

It was a glorious sunny day with a light breeze to keep us cool, but not enough to cause too much chop.

Betty on way to Snapper IslandBetty on the way to Snapper Island

Living amongst the oldest rainforest in the world is a true blessing, however having the reef and amazing coastline on your doorsteps really makes this place paradise.

We skirted the main camping beach on the western side of the island, and skimmed just over the surrounding reef to sneak in on a beautiful coral beach for a snack and drink. Some kind person has left a rope swing here and nature has left the base of a huge buttress rooted tree for a seat.

Snapper Island BeachA great spot to take a break, behind the shelter of the reef

Swing on Snapper IslandSome kind sole has left a rope swing made from driftewood

After watching a small (1 foot) reef shark swimming around in the shallows and schools of small fish jumping we headed off to finish the circumnavigation.

Once you round the south eastern tip, the wind is with you all the way back in, so we cruised the shoreline back to the northern side. A 2.5km paddle straight across to the tip of Cape Kimberly meant we could then glide along next to the rugged coast watching birds, and amazing at the resilience of the trees, clinging to cracks in the rocks.

A glide into the beach was followed by a couple of minutes stretching our legs, then back to rainforest.

Oh, and not to mention that on the way there a cassowary meandered across the road. Where else in the world would you want to live?

CassowaryThis beautiful (and intimidating) Cassowary was just wandering down the road